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Numberminds is an organisation with many sides. We handle training programmes, we help improve processes, we develop websites, mobile applications, implement learning management systems, improve reporting, develop competitive intelligence, create dashboards and deliver client's value with actionable insight.

We always strive to ensure that our clients get value for money and most importantly get the result they want.

Previous projects included - SEO measurement, Insight Dashboards, Microsoft Excel functions and data import automation, Microsoft Access modelling, Incentive Schemes, Web Analytics implementation, Online Banking measurement and improvements, microsite design and strategy, training, training course design support and many other things.

Being based in Milton Keynes gives us the opportunity to serve clients effectively in both the South East of England and Midlands. Covering major cities like London, Birmingham and ofcourse Milton Keynes. However, that doesn't stop us from helping clients further afield.

What we are extremely proud of is our keeness to ensure that clients are supported through-out their project... and beyond.

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.
Sun Tzu

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Our clients are varied and wide. We've worked in a wide variety of sectors from financial services to double glazing, from fast moving consumer goods to structural engineers. Have a look at the list of our clients and maybe you can have your brand up there soon?

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