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There aren’t many companies that I’m aware of that have dedicated resource that can implement and change web analytics tags whenever eCommerce department wants; whilst coordinating strategic web releases.  This is a massive shame because sometimes its important to make amendments – for example checking a syntax error, spelling mistake or implementing dynamic page names.  Perhaps in some cases it is important to remember that online measurement is still a growth industry.  So what next?…

73% of users edit existing tags, 59%  of users add new tags at least once a month


The solution?

Tag management.

Previously this service was only available via paid-for solutions like TagMan.  However, Google has now released a ‘free’ solution which allows the base tag to be implemented within a container and fired on a rule-based system.  IT no longer need to be involved in small changes which allows eCommerce to dream bigger and get those landscape changing change requests completed sooner rather than later…

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We must not forget that tag management isn’t just limited to web analytics, what about marketing, a/b and multivariant testing?  All these are issues which must be taken into consideration when looking at a solution (however, in today’s economic client price is probably a critical issue).


Tag management activities take many forms as firms add or change vendors, add new sites and pages, and revise channel and campaign tracking requirements.


So is this another great Google development? or is there a catch?  Well there is a catch but, according to Google its a temporary one.  You won’t be able to amend the code and benefit from virtual page-names, ecommerce or event tracking…. yet.  There are no timescales of when the updated solution is going to be available but, I be keeping my eye out.


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