Social Media – just not enough time

I was just looking through my Google Reader feeds and came across someone that has deactivated their Pinterest account.  OK, now is this something that they did because they had a bad experience?

No, it was simply because they had joined for a purpose – they were redesigning a room.  They wanted to share their ideas with their followers and receive feedback. Seems OK to me.  But because the project has ended does things justify leaving a social network?
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Balancing Bricks and Clicks


Are you a reader of the “Database Marketing” magazine?  Its a great read for all those people that are interested in databases, business intelligence, Database Marketing Magazine Logoanalysis and news.  In their January edition they published a letter from Guy Mucklow and it is something which resonates with me.  I’ve also been reading about all the well known stores that are shutting down because of the economic environment – HMV, Jessops, Comet, Blockbuster, Republic and only today Readers Digest (yes they are still around) have just filed for bankruptcy in New York.


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Is your business prepared for snow

Business doesn’t stop just because the weather makes travel awkward or impossible.  Clients still need servicing and work still needs to get done.  However, what can you do if your staff can’t get in?  To me this raises the question do they actually really need to be in?  So what if they are working from home in their dressing gown?  So what if they have the TV on in the corner?  Perhaps this is more conducive for a more efficient working environment.

So I ask businesses – what is stopping you?

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