Google Plus – Our Office365 Community

Office-365-LogoOffice365 is leading the way in subscription based software packages.  Microsoft Office is used all across the world and Numberminds uses it extensively (dashboards, data modelling, presentations, template building, training and more).  Anyway, by subscribing to Office365 you aren’t limiting yourself to any package – in short its scaleable. Continue reading Google Plus – Our Office365 Community

Microsoft Office 2013 – the smart move

Office-365-LogoThere are very few businesses that don’t run Microsoft Office products.  This isn’t because of some subversive approach by Microsoft to pre-load Office onto everyone’s systems.  It is simply because, in my humbled opinion, the best suite of products on the market.

What’s more they are evolving!

Office2013 brings as many dramatic changes as 2003 to 2007 did.  Remember when the toolbar was removed in favour of the ribbon.  Come on how long did it really take you to get used to it?

Office2013 is built for businesses.  Why spend thousands of pounds on expensive shared storage and backup systems when Microsoft provide it for you free?  Office2013 ensures that all your documents are stored in the cloud by default and are accessible anywhere.

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Linkedin – Sell your services using Video Ads

LinkedIn LogoLinkedin is the professionals’ social network.  With over 200 million subscribers all over the world its simply the easiest way to broadcast yourself.  Whether you’re a contractor, an executive, a graduate or simply someone that wants to progress their career.

Numberminds provides training to people who want to setup profiles and learn how to add (and who to add) and more importantly what to write in their profile.

Businesses are also welcome on Linkedin.  Not only are their company pages (for example our own Numberminds Company Page) which allow you to tell people about your services and products (and have clients recommend these to their networks), broadcast what your company is doing (e.g. blog posts, videos and so on) you can also use them to hire the right people.

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Microsoft Excel – Weekday Function and VLookups

Microsoft Excel 2010 - LogoMicrosoft Excel is the world’s most used spreadsheet tool.  But what do people use it for really?  I would admit that I began using it at school for creating lists and slight calculations.  However, now with what I have learnt in terms of automation, KPI creation, VBA and analysis. Continue reading Microsoft Excel – Weekday Function and VLookups