Microsoft Excel – Weekday Function and VLookups

Microsoft Excel 2010 - LogoMicrosoft Excel is the world’s most used spreadsheet tool.  But what do people use it for really?  I would admit that I began using it at school for creating lists and slight calculations.  However, now with what I have learnt in terms of automation, KPI creation, VBA and analysis.

There is an awful lot of functions embedded within Excel that are available to be used be it statistical, additional, formatting or custom (VBA).  In this blog post we are going to use two of them to deliver one result.  We are going to use WEEKDAY functions and VLOOKUPs so we can turn plain ol’ data into readable information.

Ever wanted to create a table where you’re comparing Monday’s against Monday’s and so on.  This video will show you how to get weekdays names which with a little extra work, allow you to do just that.

GOAL:  To work out a weekday name from a date.



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