Microsoft Word 2010 – Working with Tables and Formulae

Microsoft Word LogoWe’ve just published a new YouTube video showing you how to create tables, merge cells, format cells using themes and doing it manually and finally using formulae within the table.

Seems a very simple thing to demonstrate however, its something that I have found very useful when dealing with small businesses that aren’t confident enough to work in Excel.  Also I have found with many clients that invoices are either produced from systems like Sage or more-often-than-not just written in Microsoft Word.

So if the later is true… why not make life a little easier?


Key Points to take away are:

  1. When working with formulaes in Microsoft Word tables just remember simple mathematics.  Items in brackets are worked out first and then everything else.
  2. The tables are given row and column classifications just like in Microsoft Excel.  Columns are letters and rows are numbers.


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