Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 start taking hold

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Is your company moving operating systems or considering migrating?  We all know that Windows 7 is closer to XP than Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1).  However, should you consider a move to Windows 8?

Let’s see what the stats say:…

I won’t deny it takes a bit of getting used to.  The radical change in interface design has a feel of mobile about it however, if you have loads of applications then this is an interface that you will enjoy.  You can group programmes together much easier than you could in Windows 7 or XP (without clogging up your desktop as I had to do).  The search facility is much improved and allows you to easily find files and programmes.

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The reason for this post (other than to offer our migration services) is because of a recent article I read.

  • Windows 8.1: 10.75 percent
  • Windows 8: 10.56 percent
  • Windows 7: 63.04 percent
  • Windows XP: 6.25 percent
  • Windows Vista: 4.30 percent
  • Mac OS X: 3.47 percent
  • Linux: 0.86 percent

It’s encouraging to see XP use being reduced considerable.  This may be because of new capital purchases (Moore’s law in effect!).  Or simply because newer applications don’t run on Windows XP (Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office ProPlus for example).

In February, we expect Windows 8.1 will pass Windows 8, and the two will soon pass the 25 percent market share point. As Windows 8.1 continues to eat away at Windows 8, however, it will take quite some time to pass Windows 7 on its own. Next year, Windows 9 will launch and we’ll do it all over again.


If you’ve got a smart phone I’m sure that you’re familiar with Google Play or the ITunes store for getting applications.  It’s very simple and a lot of them are free.  The Microsoft Marketplace (an icon on the desktop) will help you see what more you can do with Windows 8 and the best thing is … you’re probably already used to installing apps!!! Easy Peasy!

Microsof t Windows 8 Marketplace


So is your organisation behind the times?  Do you want your staff to be more productive?  How about moving your organisation to flexible working conditions, working from home, mobile working etc… Windows 8 is the operating system you need.  You may also want to consider looking at Office365 (we can help you with that also).


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