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Microsoft Excel LogoMicrosoft Excel is an amazing tool and provides a multitude of different formatting options.  However, there isn’t one for Celcius (or Fahrenheit for that matter).  Have you ever being in a situation where you need to compare temperatures?  Well I have.  A recent course I delivered required this exact thing.

I admit that this has never come up before so as a team (trainer and delegate) we worked it out.  The example below gives average daily temperatures for the first four months of the year.

NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 001

First we click on the HOME tab on the ribbon

Select the FORMAT drop down and select MORE NUMBER FORMATS

NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 002


NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 003

Select NUMBER from the tab options

NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 00

Select CUSTOM from the sub-navigation options

From the TYPE menu select 0.00

NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 005

Now this is where you need to enter the degrees symbol and obviously add the “C” to indicate its a celcius degree.

All you need to do is click behind the 0.00 and press ALT +7416 (ASCII character for the degrees symbol) and then simply add a “C”.

NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 001

All that you need to do now is highlight the data set and apply this new format to those cells.

NM-Custom Formatting - Degrees 007

If you’re presenting information to your clients that requires a celcius formatting.  You can’t go much wrong with this.


If you’ve got any queries about this or any other formatting or Excel queries then please do get in touch with Numberminds.

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