Microsoft Project – the way to manage projects

Microsoft Project 2010 Logo - NumbermindsEveryone in business has worked on projects (even if you haven’t realised it).  A project can be something as large as building a skyscraper or something as small as writing a blog post.  You initially break down the objectives into tasks making them more manageable.  You then determine what resource needs to be attached to the project and then apply this to the tasks.

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Testing Websites on Users

Web_Testing_MVT_AB_TESTINGRecently in the UK press there has been a lot mentioned about how websites are testing their users.  Facebook and an online dating site are the ones which received press via BBC News.   However, I am questioning why did it get press?  Websites are living breathing organisms in my mind.  Things are constantly changing to ensure better conversion rates, better engagement and ultimately more profit to the company.


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