E-Learning – is it out for the count?

eLearning ImageI am sure that many people, like me, find the Linkedin articles an interesting place to get information.  A little while ago I found a blog post from Dawn Rose who is talking about the end of e-learning.  Now I’m sorry I just don’t see it.  E-Learning is here to stay however, only as a part of a learning programme including other delivery methods.

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Windows Hot Keys or Short Cut Keys

Windows Hot Keys and Short Cut Keys


It always amazes me that people are still doing things the long way around.  Some of my training delegates are amazed that you can send files directly from applications like Microsoft Excel.  “WOW! That is going to save me so much time!”.

Even when you introduce them to great shortcuts that you can add to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) it is almost like you’re showing them fire for the first time.  Part of the training that Numberminds provides is showing people the optimum way of working or put it in other words – making best use of their time.

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