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I love using Microsoft Project and in the last five months I have seen an increasing number of requests for training.  Now part of this increase in the use of Office365 because you can add-on a Microsoft Project 2013 subscription.

Now recently I’ve discovered a problem.  The Task Inspector.

Have you used it before?

Microsoft Project 2010 Task Inspector Example



Well if you don’t know its a sidebar that helps you analyse tasks that have constraints, issues, missed deadlines and over-allocation of resources.  You can click on any task row and then click on ‘Inspect’. ‘Task Inspector’ identifies the type of scheduling being employed, either Automatic or manual. If there is a Task Calendar assigned this is identified as are any constraint dates and also the calendar of the resource(s) assigned to the task can be easily accessed.

It’s a rather quaint tool and one which is always well received during Numberminds training courses.  Whilst these tools do exactly what they say and do in some cases make life easier for project managers (and I’m including the auto-levelling tool on the Resource Tab in this statement).  I would never suggest a novice use these because I feel that they need to be confident and skilled enough in the software to fix them manually.

Anyway I digress….


 Now recently there was an issue with the task inspector starting.  I would get this error:

Microsoft Project 2013 Task inspector Error

Now my system is running both Project 2010 and Project 2013 on the same system (which you can do) and I don’t get this issue with the Task Inspector in the 2010 version; only in 2013.  To be honest that bit still confuses me.

Never seen this before and not only did it confuse me but, also the Microsoft Project support team in India.

In order to resolve this issue (and believe me it was stressful to get to this point.  All you have to to do is reduce the security settings in Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer! I hear you say.  Exactly my thoughts and believe me Microsoft support were equally confused.

Microsoft Project Task Inspector Internet Explorer Settings Screengrab

So if you have this issue when working with Project 2013 then you now know how to fix it!!


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