Numberminds getting a facelift

nm_image_meWhen speaking to clients about websites and web strategies I always tell them to review regularly (and with the speed of technology) and the occasional facelift may be required.

Numberminds is now taking it’s own advice and is currently working on a new website which not only will be slick, responsive and engaging.  

We will also include all our new services.  Some of which may surprise.

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Opentopic creates alliance with IBM Watson

numberminds-partners-with-opentopicWhat I heard you say?  Well if you haven’t heard of OpenTopic then you really need to read this article.  They are a cost-effective solution which has been working content curation and marketing for a number of years.

Numberminds has partnered with OpenTopic to offer content curation and marketing services to UK and EU clients.

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