Measuring Content Performance for Higher Sales Conversions

blog.kissmetrics.comIn the Mad Men era, marketing was considered a cost center where “creative types” made glorious advertising campaigns but had very little ability to measure their impact on sales. Now, thanks to the Internet, marketing automation, and marketing analytics solutions, we can measure nearly everything in marketing, tracing our impact all the way down to influence on revenue and ROI. This ability to measure marketing’s performance and receive instant feedback on what works has revolutionized marketing.



Why The Wrong Web Traffic Is Ruining Your Landing Page Test

marketingland.comLanding page testing is a great way to make the most out of your traffic. They’re already on your page — you just need to increase the odds that they’ll convert, right?

You’d think it would be fairly easy to improve your conversion rate, so why, according to VWO, do six out of seven A/B tests fail to produce positive results?

For many companies, the answer lies not in a flawed testing strategy, but in the fact that their traffic itself is wrong.

Why Traffic Matters

Most landing page tests are run under the assumption that your landing page is getting a steady stream of relevant, interested traffic.



Insights 2016: ‘Digital strategy is the business strategy’ recently found myself reading an article about ‘conversion rate optimisation and growth hacking’. About five minutes in, I realised that I didn’t have the foggiest idea what the author was talking about. Digital media constantly generates new jargon and theory, which creates a veil of confusion.

Every time there’s an innovation or a change to something digital, we’re reminded that there are new things happening that we don’t yet understand. We feel as if we need to unlearn everything we know and start again.



4 Web Design Trends for Ecommerce in 2016

 Web design is constantly evolving, especially in the ecommerce arena where most retail companies heavily rely on online sales as their major revenue source. The need to constantly innovate, adapt and stay on top of the most recent web design and online marketing trends is what makes the ecommerce space so fierce and competitive. The top preforming ecommerce sites for 2016 will be the ones that take advantage of the latest online trends, including the rapidly growing mobile sales market (mCommerce).

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