Monetate Summit 2016 – Customer Experience and Personalisation is key to success

Monetate Smarties

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Monetate Summit in London.  This was a gathering of some amazing digital professionals and I learnt an awful lot from them.

Just sitting around the tables talking with other delegates was great to see how other people where handling personalisation and given my background how they were handling metrics.

For those of you that may not have been introduced to Monetate – it’s more than an A/B and Multivariant testing tool (which it does rather well).  It’s all about treating your customers as individuals.  Imagine you have all your customer data in one place it is all connected.  There were some amazing conversations about how to use this information to give the customer the best customer experience and a casual benefit to this is a conversion.

Waitrose, JD Williams, Eurostar, IMRG and the customer expert Mary Portas (@maryportas)  all gave presentations.  The outstanding ones were for me Finn Christo (JD Williams) who whilst said that he was incredibly nervous and rushed his presentation.  It was full of energy, enthusiasm and damn he knew his stuff.

Mary Portas was the keynote and gave real life examples of how customer experience can really make a difference to brand value / perception and the bottom line.  Anyone remember Absolutely Fabulous?  (film currently at the cinema) – Mary was the marketing director at Harvey Nichols who spoke with Jennifer Saunders and go her to mention the brand in her shows, god knows how many times.  A simple meeting re-built the brand with one of the most well liked shows of the 90s.

If you want to read what happened as it happened then search the twitter hashtag #monetatesummit.  They are plenty from @numberminds :-).

I want to thank Monetate for hosting a great summit and look forward to seeing the slides soon.


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