Always Ask Questions

I am known for always asking questions.  Perhaps I ask more than the average person but, what always amazes me is the questions that people don’t ask me.

Analysts are the lifeblood of any organisation.  They are the ones in the know.  They are the ones that can tell you what is happening and in a lot of cases – what will happen, predictive analytics.

Imagine the scene.  A director arrives at his desk in the morning and he sees a standard report (directors tend, in my experience, to beat most people into the office, so they are the ones that will find out details first).  This report shows that there has been a downturn in sales.

Now the analyst comes in and not only has the same report to review but, also an urgent email from the HIPPO saying “what the hell is happening”.

So if directors rely on analysts then marketing managers will.  Senior managers will. Developers will.  So it’s the analysts job to anticipate these questions.

One of the best things Analysts can do is set up alerts on reports.  Ensure that they know that if the sales report is showing a trend down.  Then they immediately know what to look for:

  • Was the sales pipeline down?
  • Are products out of stock?
  • If you’re an ecommerce site, was the website down?
  • Was traffic down?
  • National holidays?

You need to have this information at this fingertips.  Remember anticipate the questions that you are going to be asked.


Never stop asking questions but…… more importantly…. never stop anticipating.

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