eLearning and Web Analytics means Success

eLearning isn’t becoming a big thing.  It already is.  You just have to look at how much Linkedin paid for Lynda.com to expand their appeal to professionals.

Individuals are paying more attention to managing their own personal development rather than relying on businesses.  Most larger businesses have their own learning and development teams and their method of delivery is guess what… elearning!

So not only does Numberminds provide consultancy for eLearning we also measure it.  Otherwise how do you know people are achieving success?  By showing completion?  Great… that proves people are sitting there and “watching” stuff.  That shows success.  It doesn’t highlight problems.

Providing elearning consultants with a list of problems e.g. bad videos, poor engagement, poor content?

Did you think that web analytics could be the answer?  Well YES IT CAN!

You can apply tags to see how long people took to play the videos, whether the whole thing was watched, how long the entire course (multiple videos) took to view.

Now imagine that you’ve implemented analytics on your learning solution.  You can now identify those users that are regularly logging on.  Now that is encouraging to see that your staff want to learn.  Now imagine that you have that intelligence and now you can segment your learners.

Mrs Jones is the team secretary of the accountancy team.  She uses her free time to avail herself of the learning solutions.

Analytics will enable you to identify Mrs Jones as a user.  But it doesn’t end there.  Let’s take Mrs Jones’ test scores she demonstrates that she has the right mind for greater things.  However, hasn’t either realised this her own potential or not being given the opportunity to excel.  Analytics will identify her to management.  Who knows she could be an amazing project manager, a mentor, an executive.

Either way the analytics within eLearning can help businesses grow from within.  Numberminds can help you with that analytical process.  Give us a call.

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