eReceipts – what is the benefit?

eReceipts is something that interests us here at Numberminds.  I personally am all for reducing the amount of paper in my wallet that isn’t cash.

However, if I’m giving them my personal email address, then what am I letting myself into?  Will I be spammed with emails from that brand that I gave it to?  Will they sell it to the highest bidder?

Will I actually get offers that are useful?  Will it be personalised?  How will they target me?

Looking at it from a business’ angle.  Environmental benefits from less paper till receipts.  Cost savings from ink and paper savings.  Marketing opportunities galore?

Numberminds would love to hear your thoughts from:

  • marketing strategy
  • customer experience
  • customer angle
  • environmental
  • marketability

Any assistance that you can give us in writing the blog post / whitepaper would be gratefully received.

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