Microsoft Office – time to upgrade?

Upgrading software is always a painful experience.  Sometimes it’s because of better functionality and sometimes it’s because of different file types.

However, upgrading software becomes essential when you are notified that the updates (security or otherwise would not be forthcoming).

Now, recently we found out that some Police forces in the UK were still running Windows XP due to some necessary software not being able to run on Windows 7 | 8 or 10.  This may seen incredulous because of the length of time it’s been since Windows 7 was launched and more importantly 3 years since support ended.

Now with regards to Microsoft Office – the biggest change that happened was when they moved from binary files to XML based files.  The coding language changed massively after that making it difficult (until earlier versions were retired) for developers to build a solution for all levels.


In short – if you’re buying software that everyone in your office is going to use.   Make sure you get the up to date software.  Or speak to Numberminds for Office 365 Consultancy.

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