Google Trends improves and adds more value to your reports

Content Marketing TypewriterAccording to TechCrunch.  Google Trends has now improved it’s searchable data.  Not only can you trend what people are searching for on Google by country.  You can now further segment this data by Images, Shopping and even Youtube.

Now some of you may be asking why is this important to a web analyst.  Well it’s simple.  Not all web analysts are afforded the tools to add context to their reports.  Let’s face it external sources of information particularly real-time data is expensive.

Google Trends allows you to compare external figures with your own onsite search reporting and/or product views.  So, if people are searching for “LCD TVs” and you’re product views for the same are tanking aswell as your onsite search.  Then this will afford you the insight to look at causes.

Let’s say that your marketing spend is focused elsewhere.

Let’s say that your pricing is no longer competitive

or it could be that a competitor is simply got a more attractive offer.

The image above was taken from TechCrunch’s article.

This is great news for those analysts that are feeling rather isolated in their reporting.  Remember that reports showing year-on-year performance are great but, are limited in terms of actions.  It doesn’t include the wider picture which web analysts need to provide to stakeholders.  Whether asked for it or not ! 🙂

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