Microsoft Office 365 offers more than you think

Office365 LogoDo you remember the days when upgrading your Microsoft Office solution was expensive?  I do.  I also remember having to push IT to allow me to have Microsoft Access to develop on, but, it “wasn’t part of the standard Microsoft Office package”.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock.  Office 365 provides you with the full suite of products and you simply wouldn’t believe how flexible it’s solutions are.  Or how many solutions are available.

“Need Visio for a few months?”  Easily done and you don’t have to fork our hundreds of pounds for a software version.

We are seeing more and more success stories of banks, small businesses in pretty much every vertical benefit from Office 365.  Imagine you’ve left your laptop at home and you need to access your emails?  Easily done.  Log onto the Office portal?  What about your files?  Yep there are there… What if this ‘loaned’ PC doesn’t have the right software.  No problem – use office apps (for most of the Microsoft Office applications).

Numberminds have been a Microsoft partner for years and we’ve sold Office 365 solutions to a number of clients.  Provided consultancy for even more.

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