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eLearning and Web Analytics means Success

eLearning isn’t becoming a big thing.  It already is.  You just have to look at how much Linkedin paid for to expand their appeal to professionals.

Individuals are paying more attention to managing their own personal development rather than relying on businesses.  Most larger businesses have their own learning and development teams and their method of delivery is guess what… elearning! Continue reading eLearning and Web Analytics means Success

Optimising your time when doing VAT Quarterly Returns

Now I am going to say this from the start.  I am not an accountant I just happen to be very good at finding solutions to problems and relatively good at Excel.

I say relatively good because I know people who are far better than me.

I help a small family run business optimise their VAT process.  Previously everything was written down on a bit of paper and then all the receipts put into a file with invoices and finally the analysis on top.

Continue reading Optimising your time when doing VAT Quarterly Returns

How much is your data worth?

People are giving out personal information very freely these days and it’s usually in respect of getting something back.  Think of it this way – how many loyalty cards do you carry?  Your store cards do you think you have them because you shop their often and this is an extension to their brand?  Do you have them because having a Harrods card is an aspirational thing and they value you personally that much? Continue reading How much is your data worth?

Numberminds now has a IBM Digital Analytics Consultant

Numberminds has always strived to attain qualifications.  We’re now proud to say that we have a IBM Digital Analytics Certified Business Analytics Consultant qualification.

Whilst attending the amazing IBM conference in Madrid at the back end of last year – where IBM where showing an amazing range of their technology stack and how they were taking ecommerce seriously.

I am sure many of you are aware that Coremetrics (as it was formally called) was bought by IBM back in 2010 and it has now been renamed IBM Digital Analytics.  What was announced at the conference was that this is now just part of the ecommerce stack – now called Customer Experience Analytics.

Now you can re-play customer sessions using Tealeaf technology (which is now cloud based and no longer a local solution which required significant infrastructure investment).

You can also import your own data in order to complete the story.  This could be telephony data, customer data or more.

Our skills lie in developing a data driven culture in an organisation and this is started by giving them a taste of knowledge.