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Tableau and Google Merge Forces in Data Visualisation


You always come across interesting things when you browse your blogs or the internet in general.  Today’s ‘feature of the day’ for me is an article from “MarketWatch” who are talking about Google and Tableau (a leader in enterprise data visualiation) combining forces.

Now the article doesn’t list Google Analytics however, that doesn’t really matter because Tableau already has a Google Analytics plugin.


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Microsoft Word 2010 – Working with Tables and Formulae

Microsoft Word LogoWe’ve just published a new YouTube video showing you how to create tables, merge cells, format cells using themes and doing it manually and finally using formulae within the table.

Seems a very simple thing to demonstrate however, its something that I have found very useful when dealing with small businesses that aren’t confident enough to work in Excel.  Also I have found with many clients that invoices are either produced from systems like Sage or more-often-than-not just written in Microsoft Word.

So if the later is true… why not make life a little easier?

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Audience Driven Dashboards


There is a massive interest in pushing information to stakeholders and to be honest this is not before time.  Now there are a number of ways that this information can be distributed – tabular, dashboard, infographics, widgets, powerpoint, graphs and so on.  Is your organisation looking to review is management information? How the reports are produced? The format? The delivery?

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Dashboards and Sparklines


Has anyone else been infuriated with the limitations of Excel in dashboard building?  Have you been tempted with solutions like Tableau and Xcelcius?  Well you wouldn’t be alone…  However, as most of my clients already have Microsoft Excel I have found that we have to work with what is available.  Recently, I can across Sparklines and almost feel invigorated with the new graphs and the scalability of said graphs. Continue reading Dashboards and Sparklines