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Insights 2016: ‘Digital strategy is the business strategy’ recently found myself reading an article about ‘conversion rate optimisation and growth hacking’. About five minutes in, I realised that I didn’t have the foggiest idea what the author was talking about. Digital media constantly generates new jargon and theory, which creates a veil of confusion.

Every time there’s an innovation or a change to something digital, we’re reminded that there are new things happening that we don’t yet understand. We feel as if we need to unlearn everything we know and start again.



Social Media the wider impact

Insurance_Meerkat_BlogNot sure how many of you read the Sunday Times but, there was a rather scary piece about how social media is now being looked at to determine risk in insurance.  Its a stark warning that people need to be careful about what they post and talk about.  Don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ acccount?  Well that may affect you negatively aswell.

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EPIC 2015 – The future of the internet … maybe

Horizon2EPIC is a video which talks about the possible future internet.  Companies that are born, grow, merged.  People get used to a more social and sharing world.  News becomes tailored to individuals and more importantly gets more instantaneous.  This video is worth a few minutes of your time to watch.

Will this make you think about how much you want to share with the world?  Will it identify some business opportunities to show how businesses can grow online?

Love to hear your thoughts


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Social Media – just not enough time

I was just looking through my Google Reader feeds and came across someone that has deactivated their Pinterest account.  OK, now is this something that they did because they had a bad experience?

No, it was simply because they had joined for a purpose – they were redesigning a room.  They wanted to share their ideas with their followers and receive feedback. Seems OK to me.  But because the project has ended does things justify leaving a social network?
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Balancing Bricks and Clicks


Are you a reader of the “Database Marketing” magazine?  Its a great read for all those people that are interested in databases, business intelligence, Database Marketing Magazine Logoanalysis and news.  In their January edition they published a letter from Guy Mucklow and it is something which resonates with me.  I’ve also been reading about all the well known stores that are shutting down because of the economic environment – HMV, Jessops, Comet, Blockbuster, Republic and only today Readers Digest (yes they are still around) have just filed for bankruptcy in New York.


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Is your business prepared for snow

Business doesn’t stop just because the weather makes travel awkward or impossible.  Clients still need servicing and work still needs to get done.  However, what can you do if your staff can’t get in?  To me this raises the question do they actually really need to be in?  So what if they are working from home in their dressing gown?  So what if they have the TV on in the corner?  Perhaps this is more conducive for a more efficient working environment.

So I ask businesses – what is stopping you?

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Do you know who has your data?

Do you know who has your data?

Whilst reading the latest Database Marketing magazine I came across a piece:  O2’s parent company – Telefonica – is planning to sell your mobile information to the highest bidder (or maybe any bidder).  Is this something to be concerned about as a consumer or is this the start of you thinking about who else has data on you and what are they doing with it?

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Pinterest – Another Social Network or the Next Facebook

Pinterest – Another Social Network or the Next Facebook.

With all the social networks that are out there – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to name the main ones.  Out of seeminly no-where comes Pinterest (although I think the success of Instagram for mobile may have had an influence).  This site has an impressive page-rank of seven according to Google.  However, can ALL brands benefit from this social network.  For example could an insurance company?  Could a bank?  Could a consultancy?

Are there going to be any tangible benefits?  positive linkage? conversion? actionable customer insight? Is using this social network going to allow you to target your target market?

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Ratings – Do you know how important they are?

Ratings – 21st Century Word-of-Mouth


For a consultant word-of-mouth is an essential way to get new business.  People obviously talk and its important that when discussing over a pint who is the best person for a job that your name gets mentioned.  The adage that “you’re only as good as your last job” has never been truer in an increasinly price and skill competitive market.  An analyst doesn’t just need to have the technical skills but, soft skills to handle management, third party suppliers, team members and most importantly finance so that your bills get paid.

If we apply this need of word-of-mouth endorsement to a business then where do you look?  On the company’s site?  So would you buy insurance from a company that says they are price concious, tailor the pricing policy against “x” number of variables or favour ex-forces, women or young drivers?  Would you?

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