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Bounce Rates – Understanding what it is telling you

Numberminds Bounce RateBounce rate is a key metric for anyone studying web analytics.  It allows you to understand what pages are causing people to leave your site.  Or is it?  If people come to your site to read a blog post and then leave does that necessarily mean that the website failed?  If the customer lands on a marketing landing page and then doesn’t engage further with the campaign (at that time) does that mean the website failed?

There is so much supposition in any metric that its key for any web analytics (or management information professional) to be able to explain and add context.

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Dashboards and Sparklines


Has anyone else been infuriated with the limitations of Excel in dashboard building?  Have you been tempted with solutions like Tableau and Xcelcius?  Well you wouldn’t be alone…  However, as most of my clients already have Microsoft Excel I have found that we have to work with what is available.  Recently, I can across Sparklines and almost feel invigorated with the new graphs and the scalability of said graphs. Continue reading Dashboards and Sparklines