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Microsoft Excel Custom Formats – Celcius

Microsoft Excel LogoMicrosoft Excel is an amazing tool and provides a multitude of different formatting options.  However, there isn’t one for Celcius (or Fahrenheit for that matter).  Have you ever being in a situation where you need to compare temperatures?  Well I have.  A recent course I delivered required this exact thing.

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Data Rich but Information Poor

Data Rich Information Poor

Whatever you do creates data.  Be it a digital footprint, a card purchase, a sale registered on your loyalty card, walking through a store door, sending an email, registering for a newsletter/blog or even normal sales and invoice data.  However, from a companies perspective how many of these ‘data sources’ are utilised properly?

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Audience Driven Dashboards


There is a massive interest in pushing information to stakeholders and to be honest this is not before time.  Now there are a number of ways that this information can be distributed – tabular, dashboard, infographics, widgets, powerpoint, graphs and so on.  Is your organisation looking to review is management information? How the reports are produced? The format? The delivery?

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