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Microsoft is retiring Infopath

Numberminds Microsoft Infopath 2013 Logo

Some people have seen this application on their desktops and wondered what it is.  Maybe you clicked on it and went “Oh god whats this”.  Some of you maybe even playing around with it.  However, how useful is Infopath?

Well Microsoft has responded to forums and feedback regarding the product and have decided rather than offering and maintaining a seperate product for forms.  They are going to retire it.

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Office365 – Adding Multiple Email Addresses to One User

Office365 LogoIn many organisations (whether you know it or not) you have more than one email address.  What?  I hear you say.  If you’ve got a .com email address and you work in the UK you’re also likely to have a .co.uk email address.

Now our company owns numberminds.com AND numberminds.co.uk.  So lets walk through the process of how to add an email address to your profile.

We are assuming in this blog post that you have already successfully added the domain to your Office365.

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Google Plus – Our Office365 Community

Office-365-LogoOffice365 is leading the way in subscription based software packages.  Microsoft Office is used all across the world and Numberminds uses it extensively (dashboards, data modelling, presentations, template building, training and more).  Anyway, by subscribing to Office365 you aren’t limiting yourself to any package – in short its scaleable. Continue reading Google Plus – Our Office365 Community