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Knowledge is power. Knowledge comes from Information and Information comes from Data.

Companies create massive amounts of data and yes even small companies. Financial, Footfall, Web Data, Sales Data, HR Data, Registrations, Telephone Calls, Text Messages, Emails pretty much anything and everything has a data element and Numberminds specialises in turning this raw data into actionable insight and information.
Numberminds has worked alongside companies specialising in competitive intelligence and benchmarking studies (as well as creating our own). Numberminds delivers value in data and value in price for our clients. Why not give us a call?

Data Analysis Services

KPI Review from Numberminds

KPI / Metrics Review

KPIs drive business performance. Understanding how data interacts with other data (to create information) is a vastly misunderstood skillset. Numberminds helps organisations develop KPIs relating specifically to their business and sector.

Data Discovery Services from Numberminds

Data Discovery

Data is everywhere. People are being counted walking into shops (and websites), telephone call volumes recorded, sales, prospects, staff attendance, cross-sales... the list is endless. Numberminds can help you review all available data sources and determine the value it can bring to your business.

Web Analytics Services from Numberminds

Web Analytics

Every business needs a website. However much you spend on a website you need to know whether its adding value. Are you gaining customers? Are people even visiting your site? Having web analytics is much more than counting visits its about understanding behaviour and intent.

Dashboard Services from Numberminds

Dashboard Design

Dashboard design is a very popular service. It has given rise to tools like Tableau and Qlikview which are increasing in popularity. Numberminds offers dashboard services which work for our clients. Incorporating your KPIs and Metrics. Building in benchmarking and targets.

Benchmarking Services from Numberminds


Understanding your data is key to making evidence based business decisions. How do you know your weekly figures are good or bad? Do you look at historic information to determine any changes? What about same period last month? Make adjustments for seasonality? Our benchmarking services have proven to deliver bottom line benefits quickly.

Competitive Intelligence Services from Numberminds

Competitive Intelligence

Internal data is all fine and dandy. However, bringing competitive intelligence to the table adds a whole new dimension. It allows you to compare your performance against competitors. Identify opportunities to learn and improve. Numberminds can help.

Data Insight Analysis FAQ

What packages do you use?

What packages do you use?

Our consultants are skilled in a variety of programmes in order to deliver value. Most of our clients prefer simplicity of complexity and as a result the delivery is done via Microsoft Excel and Access. However, the back-end we have people well versed in SQL Server Reporting Services, OLAP, MYSQL and more.

We're considering a dashboard solutions but, what to choose?

We're considering a dashboard solutions but, what to choose?

Dashboarding is a very popular topic at the moment. There are a variety of tools on the market. Some Enterprise class like Tableau and Qlikview, others which are more open to all businesses. We had developed dashboards in many solutions. However, have you considered a web-based solution? Give us a call to know more?

What is web analytics?

What is web analytics?

Web Analytics is the process of reporting on website activity. In the early days it was a simple count of how many people visited your site. However, as the industry grew so did the scale of information. We can no find out what sites, search terms, social networks are driving traffic to your site. We can determine whether this traffic is converting into leads, sales or registrations. We can also measure your online-marketing efforts to see if they are working also. Give us a call to know more?

Who are your previous clients for data analysis services

Who are your previous clients for data analysis services

We have worked extensively in the data analysis field and most clients have had some element of e:commerce focus. Please have a look at our client list. Numberminds Clients. Should you wish to have a read of what some clients think of us then please go to our testimonials page - Testimonials