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Numberminds prides itself on being able to offer more. More I hear you ask..

Not only do we have amazing designers and developers. We have people who understand usability, web analytics, and this is what makes a website a living thing. A website changes, content marketing strategies demand that websites change, new pages, new blog posts, new images all optimised for the web and creating a consistent brand message.

We're an agency that comes with the full package. You pay for as much or as little as you want. Simple.

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Web Design and Hosting Solutions from Numberminds

Web Design and Hosting

Not only do we create the websites using a variety of programming languages we also host. Choose a Linux or a Windows Server. Looking for PHP or ASP.NET? Want to have a professional blog? Want to incorporate social media? Want to add YouTube videos? We can do pretty much anything you require for your website. Why not have a conversation with one of our salespeople?

Web Analytics Services from Numberminds

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the ability to report what is happening on your site and more importantly act on it. Are people missing the important pages because you're "next" button is missing? Is your site receiving more mobile/tablet traffic than laptop/desktop - do you need to develop a responsive design to optimise for mobile? Or something slightly simplier... where are your customers coming from?

Usability Services from Numberminds Digital Services


We've got the numbers. We've got the design and branding right. But what about looking at the usability? Have a fresh pair of eyes look over your site from a variety of situations (mobile, different browsers, different speeds). We have trained usability experts on hand to help you review your site and recommend changes which will increase conversion.

Content Marketing Solutions from Numberminds

Content Marketing

Content is King! The more content on your site isn't always necessarily the best thing to do. Create targeted content, use the right keywords and update regularly. Numberminds can build you a content strategy which covers all this and more.

Social Media Services from Numberminds

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to build brand awareness. Works great when working in line with campaigns, product launches or even if you want to build your own personal profile. We can build you a social media strategy as well as develop the training (see training services).

Landing Page Optimisation from Numberminds Digital Services

Landing Page Optimisation

When you have a landing page you need to have a focus. Is it to convert the customer? Is it encourage registrations? Is it to sell a whitepaper or product documentation? If the landing page isn't designed right then the page can fail. Numberminds can help with strategy, design and measurement.

Digital Services FAQ

We've heard about your great offer of a website for £250 (+vat)

We've heard about your great offer of a website for £250 (+vat)

Yes we are currently offering clients the opportunity to get online for a mere £250 (+vat). This offers a client a .co.uk domain and a 5 page HTML website with a contact us form. As with everything Numberminds Digital Services offers if you want more you can have more. Why not take advantage of this great offer before it disappears? Give us a call 0330 001 0968.

What scripting can we request?

What scripting can we request?

Our developers are skilled in multiple languages and costs do vary between them so make sure you speak to our sales consultants to make sure we understand your requirements fully. An ASP.NET solution may not be the best solution for your requirements, PHP is sufficiently powerful to handle most client's requirements.

How often can I request a website update?

How often can I request a website update?

The simple answer is. As often as you want.

What is a blog?

What is a blog?

A blog is in simple terms a page or a number of pages. The benefit of having a blog is it allows you to push content to clients because a blog creates an RSS feed. Some people have RSS readers on there phone and when you publish your blog post it will automatically be picked up on your phone. This is ideal for advertising your skills/knowledge, keeping the brand in your customers eyes and finally creating more indexable content on your website.

Numberminds' Training Academy offers courses on effective business blog writing.

What about social media?

What about social media?

Social media can be incorporated onto pages. Publishing your tweets onto a webpage or more importantly giving people the opportunity to "like" your pages via Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Most websites can have a social bookmarking banner implemented. Why not see whether it would suit your site and web strategy?

Numberminds' Training Academy offers courses for people who want to learn more about effective social media marketing.