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Microsoft Office365

There is lots of press about Microsoft's new subscription service - Office365. Subscription packages exist for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Let us help you work out which subscription is best for you (remember you don't need to be a business to have a business package).

Investing in this staff member will increase his/her ability to do their job. It will also have the added benefits of employee retention, cross skill training of other employees and more importantly a happier working environment.

Office365 Small Business

For businesses that need full productivity, communication and collaboration tools with the familiar Office suite, including Office Web Apps and on-premises server rights to information protection and enterprise voice capabilities.


  • Hosted Email (Exchange Online)
  • Office365 Small Business
  • Office365 Small Business Premium
  • Office365 Midsize and Enterprise

    Having a staff member do their job (as described above) is fine but, investing in them will give you so much more. Numberminds have a range of courses which we can run specifically for your organisation or open courses where anyone can join.


  • Office365 Enterprise (Plan E1)
  • Office365 Midsize Enterprise
  • Office365 Enterprise (Plan E3)
  • Office365 Home Premium

    Best for families who want full access to Office programs on up to 5 PCs or Macs, plus cloud services, all as a convenient annual or monthly subscription. Welcome to the new Microsoft Office, combining the latest versions of the Office applications you count on, with access to additional features such as additional SkyDrive storage and Skype world minutes. Sign in to your personalized account to access your updated applications, documents, and custom settings.

    Office365 Google+ Community

    Numberminds has recently created a Google+ community for all those interested in knowing more about Office365. If you're a consultant or a user join the forum and feel free to get / give advice.

    Google+ Office365 Community