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Numberminds Ten Reasons for Upgrading to Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8.1 - Ten Reasons to Upgrade

Microsoft has taken the brave step of merging user experience across device in their new operating system. It makes the experience seamless between tablet, mobile, laptop and desktop.

The integration with online communications (Skype) and cloud based services (OneDrive) mean that you are able to do so much more without copying files from one device to another. The Microsoft store has a massive array of applications (both free and paid for).

Posted by Miles  | on 26 March 2014  | Free Download
Numberminds Sales Tracking Spreadsheet Icon

Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

I once had a meeting with a Sales Development executive in London and he was explaining he had a requirement for a spreadsheet which would list his prospects, the stage of the sales process and also the time and method of the last contact

This is tailored more to those that like to be able to see where they are without having to log on to Salesforce.com or Dynamics CRM. Also those companies that may not be in a position to subscribe to their services. This is a free download from Numberminds so please have a look and leave a comment on our blog post.

Posted by Miles  | on 9 January 2014  | Read Our Blog Post   |   Free Download
HMRC Construction Industry Scheme - Excel Spreadsheet

HMRC Construction Industry Scheme Reporting

Contractors are required on a monthly basis to report payments to sub-contractors and the necessary 20% deductions. Numberminds have created a spreadsheet which allows you to record payments (gross, tax and net). It also easily reports how much you need to pay to HMRC.
This is available for purchase for GBP 75.00 (+ VAT) and comes with six months of free updates.

Posted by Miles  | on 29 December 2013 | Read Our Blog Post  |  Request a Copy