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Windows 8.1 - Why you should move

Windows 8.1 is a game changer. There is no doubt that it has been received with scepticism however, look how quickly Microsoft released the next version listening to customers comments. Windows 8.1 runs the latest software, it is safer, quicker, gives a great experience with or without a touch screen.


It's familiar tile format means that whether you're running a tablet, laptop, desktop or mobile the experience is the same.

Also remember the Microsoft Store. It's crammed (and continues to be added to) with applications and games which are great for business, fun for the family and helps those long train journeys seem much less stressful.

Numberminds offers a Windows 8.1 package. We will migrate your systems over, ensure your files are safely transferred AND give you the training you need to understand how to use it. Post implementation we offer floor-walking services so that you will be able to hit the ground running with the knowledge that Numberminds is on hand and on site to help.

This solution gives you peace of mind that you will not be losing out in downed business days.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 - Highlights

Smart Search

By default, the new Smart Search in Windows 8.1 includes relevant results from Bing alongside files from your computer and SkyDrive. It won't work for every search - and you can disable it if you don't like it - but it's a useful tool to have at your disposal.

Cloud Capability

Microsoft's cloud-based file storage system is better integrated into Windows 8.1 after the half-way-house of Windows 8, offering users effortless syncing and backup, and making it easier to share files online too.

More Customisation

You can now take far more control over the look and feel of your Start screen than you could in Windows 8. There are more color and background choices, additional tile sizes, and the option to have a slideshow instead of a static image on the lock screen. You can even replace the Start screen with the Apps page, if you prefer. On the desktop, you can change the functions of the "hot corners" if you don't like the way they work by default.

Boot to Desktop

The Start screen isn't going away anytime soon, but you can now bypass it when you log in - Windows 8.1 lets you boot up to the Start screen, the Apps page or the desktop.


Skype is an essential part of the Windows experience in 8.1, bringing together video calling, audio calling and instant messaging under one virtual roof that's only a click away (and replacing the Messages app at the same time).

Microsoft App Store

Having all of your software under one roof is a convenient way of working, and apps update automatically now as well. The Store has a new look, with at-a-glance descriptions and ratings that make it easier to sort through recommended programs and games so you can spot the best of the new apps on the platform.